Legend of the Linnorm Land

Capter 3

Chapter 3

After witnessing first-hand the battle seeds of Varisia’s New War, the three accompanied Whetten-Brun on their final friendly journey, this time northward. Upon discovering the Linfroenel’s tapping of his dreams, Durin was first to realize the dwarf had departed them. A gruesome confrontation in the Realm of the Wyrm Yrrundius, “the Lessener,” uncovered the hidden plot of the Oracle, and her weary but determined allies.

The death of her only true companion has brought Yuko to the edge of living. The remaining fighters, abandoned now by all who they had trusted, find new strength in the Land of the Linnorm Kings. With information from the Elven frontierswoman, Cecedooburyie, they formulate their next move, to council the “Face of God,” Ych-dooburyie, Time Dragon of Mt. Svalbard, who rests deep in the Glacial North, protected by a mystic band of ice trolls.



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