Legend of the Linnorm Land

Chapter One

Chapter 1

Whether victims or beneficiaries of Circumstance, the “farlanders” Yuko and Durin were chosen by the Daughter of Crows as deputized agents against an Ausgolan invasion. Yuko, trying boldly to maintain the virtues of honor and dignity among the base Varisian cosmopolity has mustered only a tentative alliance with the well-meaning tribe of Sanos Forest. Durin, adopted Dwarven disciple of the Fey, however, has easily found in this barbarian defense a channel for his green intentions.

While his fellow tribesmen prepared their families for a trespassing hunting party, Irok escorted the group westward toward the Oracle. Her methods were queer but her message was direct, to slip southward from the forest and make toward Janderhoff, then return with the unbiased wisdom of Varisia’s only non-human statesmen.

With the assistance of Irok’s childhood partner-in-arms, Mortimor Quelles, the three vanquished an assailing People’s Force Lieutenant by taking a strategic position (not inside of spiked pit trap). They then took their leave of forest town, their gear supplemented by some Sipplerose Leather Armor, Yuko’s recovered mount, and a man-sized double-barreled rifle labeled only “Dorothy”.

An odd encounter with a ludicrously vindictive Satyr named Lucy and his dragonfly-winged cronies held up the southward march, if only briefly, before they finally reached the thinning Sanos Forest edge. In the distance they saw the faint plumes of smoke from coal-burning Whistledown stoves, the first of many human towns dotting the easterly route to Janderhoff.



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