Legend of the Linnorm Land

Chapter Two

Chapter 2

Irok and his small band arrived upon the lake shore town of Whistledown, south of the Ausgolan forest border. They happened upon two river guides from the Varisian Coastal Escort, who sailed the party out of the central mountains and around the toll of the Great Dam at Melfesh. Camyllie revealed herself to be a feline shapeshifter and spoke of contact named Deadric Whetten-brun in Janderhoff. Durin, with his knowledge of the Eastward landscape, lead the team unmolested toward the Dwarven Sky Citadel, through a land dotted with brigades of Korvosan Pikemen.

The Janderhoff cabinet proved toilsome over the simultaneous human encroachments of a new “Variasian Force” from the west and the Korvosan patrols from the south, but the travelers were more concerned about tracking down the elusive Whetten-Brun. Trading in “Dorothy” for some of the ubiquitous Janderhoff Cold Steel weaponry, they were finally able to confess the Oracle’s instruction to the mage. Taken aback by an undisclosed vision come true, Whetten-Brun advised taking the tunnel route through Old Janderhoff toward Riddleport.

Prehistoric caverns and opulent halls, long abandoned, made up the dungeonesque earthen fortress. Though it had become a new home to some outsiders who dwell in the depths, Yuko’s steadfast mount lead the combatants in making quick work of the strange, demonic zootomy. Save a brief pause to recalibrate the portal system’s intriguing, ethereal, clock-work navigator, the four steadily bludgeoned their way toward Riddleport, and made off with some yet unidentified trinkets: a dagger dripping a green fog, an iridescent pearl, a blade found where treasure wouldn’t be, and the twinkling ring remnant of a strange cave beast. Showing some signs of fatigue, Irok succumbed to the bite of the mega-avian Lasha-a’ The Terrible in a battle at the bottom of the final ravine. His companions proved their dedication by removing a Lasha-a’ Mask from the beast’s corpse and porting his unconscious body out of danger.



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